Intercepted Comms

IGP DEFCON2 — Intercepted Comms Inglorious Patriots Published on Dec 30, 2019 Secure IntrA-net blackberry comms of Deep-State found and decided. Plot for "scorched-Earth" attack decoded. More "in the clear" Comm signals found by Anons See Carmen Rivera (clip used here) Get our #BulletsFirst T Shirt Show your support for resistance to second... Continue Reading →

A 666 Tech Device Under Production for Mass Release!! By Florida WARNING! Worse than RFID Implant?! A 666 Tech Device Under Production for Mass Release!! First and foremost, believers in Jesus have nothing to fear! Atheists and other religions are often the people I find on the message boards who have no fear of what is coming. Born-again believers, however, express fears about... Continue Reading →

“NY Firm Indicted” 11.8.19

"NY Firm Indicted" by TM November 8, 2019 America has been severely compromised by the insidious communist elements within our own nation. What Trump's actions are Slowly Revealing and Exposing are the actions of these Traitors within. Another reason why [Hanoi] Jane Fonda /Turner had to get herself arrested lately. To place in the... Continue Reading →

Troubling News For the Impeachment Squad

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine – Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her Legislative Aide by Joe Hoft September 30, 2019 Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics. Her legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from the Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the... Continue Reading →

All Patriots must listen!!! Abel Danger/Juan O Savin

All Patriots must listen!!! Abel Danger/Juan O Savin #WorldPatriots By SpaceShot76 Originally Published on Jun 23, 2019 Field Mcconnell has an absolutely must hear video on the 21st of June, 2019 In which his guest Juan O Savin made a truely great speech/presentation of facts about our movement and why it is so important... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama Is The Real Satanic Wizard Of OZ

Originally From Kansas Who Has Control Over The Testing, Tuning, And Activation Phases Of The Highly Destructive Tower Of Babel Tesla Antenna Portal-Stargate-Window-Wormhole-Jumpgate Opening Worldwide Netium Network Mega-GeoEngineering System. BeWAR3 $ WAR-ning, It's Going To Get Extremely Weird When They Turn On This Worldwide Extremely Powerful E.L.F. Exteme Low Frequency Microwave Energy Generation And Transmission... Continue Reading →

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