Surprising Definitions from Anon

Note from Angel4Light:

The following is an excerpt from 8chan which is copied to share for your own research.

I find the information interesting but much has been left out such as the Various Cults called Religions have not been included. Perhaps you may want to add your information and resources ect in a comment over this article.


As far as Shamans go, I don’t think these are bad because it was practiced by very spiritual indigenous people and they used herbs. Some herbs were used for healing, and some herbs were used for Vision Quest. Not all Shamans do witchcraft. The part about Dream manipulations do happen in then REM state, but from the research I have done, it is performed by the Vril and not necessarily Shamans unless a Shaman had been taken over. 

Lookup Cloning Centers and Donald Marshall. This is a major rabbit hole that will blow your mind should you want a bigger red pill. It could make you fear sleeping again.

  • Meditations like the Violet Flame or Protection Meditation help
  •  protect yourself before you sleep and surround yourself with Source Golden White Light and having a few of the following items helps as well, visualization and affirmation
  • Orgon, Himalayan pink salt, and sterling silver.
  • I use a bastard sock (the one left from the sock monster robbery at each washing) I place the salt in a small container (about 1/4 cup) and the Orgon piece (jewelry or wand) then a 99.9% silver coin. Place the sock tied off inside your pillow case on the back side from your head. Otherwise it will be a big lump in your way.

Another perplexing find on This research was about the Knights Templar. I thought that they were the keepers of the money for the Pope. And there were some good popes but mostly bad popes and when we talked about popes the bad popes were the ones that came up the torture devices that will sick on you to know about.


******8chan posting*******

By Anonymous 02/25/18 424fda No.491220

==Jesuits== – Jesuits use frequencies to defile people with filth. They also use extremely destructive psychological mind control. An example of a Jesuit spell is “You are worm food when you die” or “There is no afterlife”. They create very sadistic and depraved psychological constructs intended to crush the spirit.

==Freemasons== – Masons construct mind control programs and spells. They are “builders” and create deceitful programs in society used for distractions, false opposition, and conflict. They often focus on group psychology.

Knights Templar Masons – They specialize in conjuring or goetia and manipulate and cast demons at people. Demons are animal spirits or animal hybrid spirits. Demonology is about imposing animal behaviors and psychology onto humans.

==Wiccans== – Witches specialize in curses or hexes. They use disharmonious and chaotic frequencies to disrupt peoples lives or cause them injury or death. Many witches are trained in alchemy or chemical warfare as well with an emphasis on binding and creating knots. They use alchemy to create knots and chains in the body’s electro-chemical energy. They use hate spells too. “Everyone hates you” is a very common Wiccan spell.
==Hermeticists== – They specialize in using chemicals to manipulate physiology also known as alchemy. They often use chemical warfare and demonology together.

New Age and Christian Mystics – They specialize in false teachings and emotional and psychological manipulation. They often use spells like “Love your enemies” or “Love is the law” especially when a person is under attack. They also use spells like “There is no truth” “There is no evil” and “Its all the will of God” to confuse the mind.

==Kabbalists== – Are similar to Freemasons. They build mind control programs and are skilled in subliminal messaging and manifestation through subliminal symbols, phrases, or numbers. They use forms of numerology and geometry to construct their mind control spells. Kabbalists are usually trained in a form of alchemy and sometimes demonology. Alchemy is about manipulating the physiology. They specialize in creating mental spells that trigger parts of the physiology.

==Luciferian Freemasons== – They specialize in extreme deception, confusion, and illusions. They go to great lengths just to make it appear that they can see into the future or that they know everything. They use boldness or extreme confidence with their lies. They are very preemptive, threatening, and manipulative.

==Necromancers== – They specialize in communication with dead spirits and manipulation of dead spirits used for hauntings.

==Astrologists== – They watch signs in the stars and nature to attempt to foretell likely future events based on emanations similar to the law of cause and effect. They use astrology to plan out their warfare, mass mind control, and for creating their synchronicities.

==Shamanism== – Shaman witchcraft usually involves manipulating the dreams of others. All forms of witchcraft incorporate dream manipulation. The majority of satanic ritual abuse is carried out through dream manipulation especially on children.



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