Tech censorship goes insane, “Diamond and Silk” silenced @POTUS

Tech censorship goes insane, “Diamond and Silk” silenced, smeared as “unsafe”

The malicious censorship of independent voices by the evil tech giants has gone ballistic.

Now, Diamond and Silk have been silenced by Facebook, which deems them “unsafe for the community.”

Unsafe? More like unreal…

Two days ago, I hosted the entire InfoWars show in Austin, calling out the tech giants for their “online ethnic cleansing” that targets independent media.

This is the most urgent broadcast I’ve done yet. A must-watch.

And be sure to request your own content channel at which is launching July 4th. It’s the alternative to YouTube censorship.

Mike Adam hosts the important broadcast he’s ever done. We have the twitter CEO endorsing the liberal overthrow of America. The bias at Twitter, and Facebook wants to ban free speech. The war is on for those who do not comply.……

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Note from the Red Pill Doctor:

The Hearing on Capital Hill with Facebook has many eye opening Revelations. Here are the links to the full hearing with the Senate, and a short news clip interview with one of the Senators after the hearing. The full PBS video is about 5 hours long.

This is a short News Clip interview

Here is the clip where Senator Ted Cruz questions Zuckerburg about censorship:

What is troubling is that and the other left wing political factions (owned by the Nazi George Soros or Hillary or the Democrats) face no censorship period.

Zuckerburg is David Rockefeller’s grandson and he is Illuminati (NWO)

Zuckerburg helped Hillary for her Campaign but is now going against anyone who supports our President Donald Trump. He is currently helping Muller to entrap President Donald Trump so that he can be impeached.

I will try to find where Zuckerburg paid off Congressional Members prior to his hearing so that he had them in his pocket.

A scary thing I heard, is that this leftover dweeb wants to run for President in 2020, because he has control of the Internet and like Hitler stated: the one who controls the Media Controls the people, or was that George Orwell in “1984” movie?

More details about Facebook you should know:

Google and Facebook are Big brother are CIA creations:

Two of the most dangerous men who will make the Terminator Movie seem like a cartoon. Beware of this EVIL.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg want humanity to be assimulated

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg – Pure Evil both are CIA Assets = DEEP STATE actors.



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