“Q” Revelation And JFK Jr

July 10, 2018

“Q” Revelation & JFK Jr

Recall this POST: Philip Tilton and TellingerTN: Could JFK, Jr. be “Q”? on 6/30/2018

On July 16, 1999 John F. Kennedy Jr. went on a mission and that is to find out the secrets of the Secret Society who killed his father. But in order to dig the Secrets of the Deep State he had to go undercover and not be detected. So, on that very day he faked his death and jumped to sky dive with a parachute from the Saratoga plane. He then formed an alliance with a group of US Generals who were also on the same mission as him. And in time, the NSA was born and was able to record and archived all the telephone calls, emails communication on anyone on Earth. And with this massive trove of information it can lead to prosecution of those who have done criminal actions including those Organized Criminals such as the Secret Society and the Deep State. “Q is JFK Jr”.

John F. Kennedy Sr. during his tenure as President also have his own team of Intel Gatherers who uncover the secret of the Deep State. They informed him about the criminality that this group of people were doing into this world.

Just like the Hollywood movie “The Punisher” The “Q” movement is to bring justice to a system that is completely swamped with evil.

On the movie The Punisher, the T-Shirt (above) was given to him as a gift from his own son. Then he went on to give justice to the crime that was done to his family. And by wearing the T-Shirt it gave him the inspiration and motivation to carry on with the mission.

Great Thanks to TellingerTN’s Fakebook Friend
Ayçe S. Endez for Bringing this to our Attention HERE !

The above T-Shirt is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes plus in White. Those interested just email me for more details: PinedaManuel5@gmail.com

Give copies of these T-Shirts to everyone you know and spread the word. It can be delivered worldwide.

You have two choices: White T-SHirt prints on the front. The colored one have its print at the back side.

Terra Zetzz


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