“Death of Cabal Mainstream Media” by Sierra

“Death of Cabal Mainstream Media”

by Sierra (NZ)

As a former journalist, I have been patiently waiting for a major sign that the cabal mainstream media is dead. Here it is…


Banner headline from CNN Politics: ‘Veteran of Senate Intel Committee Charged With Lying To Investigators In Leak Investigation.’

That’s CNN, one of the biggest cabal media outlets! It’s a banner headline which are always reserved for very big stories. And…three journalists on the story. Once again, only ever for VERY big stories.

CNN is telegraphing the inevitable, which will be revealed on 11th June. It’s over for the cabal. FOREVER.

Several years ago Commander Ashtar said in a channeling that the mainstream media would be the last to go. That’s because when the cabal runs out of money, they will lose control of the media. Clearly they have run out of money.

President Trump signed an Executive Order on 21st December which enables him to seize the assets of all people involved in drug and sex trafficking, whether domestic or abroad. So from next week the Alliance will start collecting the cabal’s ill-gotten gains – which will be re-distributed to humanity.

No wonder the Bilderberg cabal has added this item to their agenda for their little get together this weekend (their last ever): ‘How to handle a “post truth” world’.

I hope you’ve got plenty of popcorn so you can sit back and enjoy the show…

Where We Go One We Go All

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Terra Zetzz


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