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Great Comment from Anon:

See potentially helpful text contained in image below, and this text here [While discussing his film festival win:] “An experience we had along the way finally put into place a missing piece of the puzzle. We had a Tea Party group that met monthly at a local community college in Minnesota. We showed the film Agenda and then afterwards as I was answering questions, a man stood up. He said, ‘I want to congratulate you on your research, and how you found all this socialist, communist influences that have changed America. My hat’s off to you. I want to tell you something, I’m a professor at this college; I am a communist, and we will win, because we’re taking all your children.’ And then he walked out. A woman in the front row who was crying said, ‘how could he be at our little community college?’ I said, mam, he is in every school in America.” Curtis Bowers, Documentary producer – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

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