“NY Firm Indicted” 11.8.19

“NY Firm Indicted”

by TM

November 8, 2019

America has been severely compromised by the insidious communist elements within our own nation.

What Trump’s actions are Slowly Revealing and Exposing are the actions of these Traitors within.
Another reason why [Hanoi] Jane Fonda /Turner had to get herself arrested lately. To place in the forefront who these Elite Traitors are…

While we wait.
There is no Trade War
Just Flushing The Toilet Globally
Everything is in Divine DisOrder.

All of this drama may be difficult to process for many, yet, the Alliance keeps its actions slow and steady throughout the Planet because humanity’s perception of Reality is based on Illusion/ Delusion
There is no Global Warming
There was no Y2K


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