This is your chance to exit the matrix. You can decide to take the blue pill and go back to sleep, but it will not change things. Or you can be one of the great Patriots who wants to help free humanity. Take the red pill and know that the journey will be an adventure you could not have expected.

We are actually getting a DNA upgrade. We are receiving more and more truth daily. For some people, this may seem overwhelming, but for many of us who took the red pill years ago, we are use to the wild ride that Humanity has had to endure.

If you would like to submit an article, comment or question feel free to write to to our Director of Communications:


If we become overwhelmed or overloaded with spam, the email will cease to exist.  I hope you will be able to enjoy this personal tool.

When submitting an article, you must list your Source. If this is for whistle blowing, we will forward this on to the proper white hats that can assist you better. List your email (which we will not share without your permission).

This is strictly a volunteer website, created in love for humanity to wake you up from your slumber and remember who you are.

Most comments and questions are answered in as timely manner as we can.

We know the topics and research seem to come from the Twilight Zone, but be assured that we do not publish fiction.

What you have been fed your whole life, up until recently is mostly BS. And when you finally realise who and why, you need to keep calm and have faith that things are going to be fine in the end.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you will share with others to help them awaken.



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Peace ✌Love 💛 Light🌕

Through our individual experiences, we can share and heal ourselves and help others in the process.


I love to spread truth which resonates with me, for the highest good to all. And so it is, namaste. Infinite reinforced, Done. ✅💜👍🏻✨🙏🌈💎😃🌺

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